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Blue Deer is a branding and design studio based in the small town of Godalming, located in the heart of Surrey, UK.

Want to see the good stuff? Click here to view some of our work in all of its glory. The latest projects from Blue Deer hq.

Meet the man behind Blue Deer. This links to our about page, here you will be able to read all about mark and his background.

Read our blog post on how to stay pain free, mobile, healthy, fit and hydrated whilst at your desk job.

Did you know that we have have a podcast?  On the show Mark chats to the worlds top creatives. Find it on YouTube or iTunes.


We specialise in logo and identity design for small and medium-sized businesses. Helping them create a positive and powerful first impression.

All of our brands are designed with research, meaning and the target audience in mind. We take pride in a quality and friendly client service.

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Other work in our portfolio

Above are a few of our favourite projects from the last year.

We aim to work closely with our clients and get them involved in the process as much as possible.

This allows a close and friendly relationship, we believe that this is the best for a productive and creative process.

On the Creative Waffle Podcast, Blue Deer Design founder - Mark Hirons chats to designers and creatives from around the world. On the show they discuss work, play and pull the best advice from each guest. The show is available in video and audio formats. 

The first of our featured blog posts is about patience. Inspired by gary vee, this is a reminder too look at where we spend our time currently, and how we can get more out of it.

In this blog post I chatted to ben howes from howes design service about the new year. We reviewed 2017 and looked forward to 2018 with hope and fresh eyes.

This is a very practical blog about how to prevent pains and stiff necks and backs whilst sitting at a desk. I chatted to ben from BLG Strength about staying mobile and hydrated.



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