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Hi, We're Blue Deer. A Godalming, sURREY based design agency, specialising in identity and brand design. 


Brand design

A strong brand has so many components. We've helped clients to feel more consistent and considered when it comes to their public image. The way a business looks can be a huge indicator to potential clients. Let's chat about yours...


logo Design

We've been lucky enough to work with some great businesses and people, on their branding and identity. Finding a solution to their logo design needs, adding meaning and thought throughout the process. Giving a lasting visual impact.



Illustrations can be a playful way to engage and interact with followers and clients. it can bring a stylistic approach to you brand adding personality. Illustrations also offer a different approch compared with the tradition use of imagery for businesses and sports teams.




Get your weekly dose of design inspiration with the Creative Waffle podcast. Listen to designers, artists, illustrators, and creatives talk about their work, passion projects, struggles, and successes. Learn from the best in the industry with Mark from Blue Deer on the Creative waffle podcast. Every Tuesday on the Blue Deer Design YouTube channel, iTunes or your podcast provider.