The Blue Deer Story:

On a winters day in late 2014 I was walking through my local woodland. I stopped on a hill for a sip of tea from my flask. 

It was here I saw this creature. Unlike any other. As a looked across the scenery and took in the view there was a deer. Unlike any normal deer it was blue. 

I had read about it in historic books. There is said to only be one blue deer. It has creative powers and was a specialist in logo design. 

A unique, personal and memorable moment.

My Vision:

The future will see Blue Deer Design as a collective of creative friends and designers. Companies will be able to hire each designer individually or as a team. Helping to make their brand shine.


Blue Deer Design is currently a one man studio headed up by Mark Hirons. I have passion, determination and vision. Specialising in logo and brand design, my aim is to make the world better by design.