about blue deer...

hi, i am mark. a creative problem solver. i founded blue deer back in 2014, with an official full time launch in march 2017. the dream is to take blue deer global. currently specialising in branding and monoline illustration.

i have a huge passion for design, big aspirations and a creative drive for helping businesses in the modern tech era. 

blue deer is now award winning. featured in a logo lounge book for the first time. we made it into their 10th book published in 2017. checkout page 110. they even featured a video i put out about the book on their blog. this gained a bit of traction in the design community: a flame kindled.

formal education: instead of university i chose to jump right into the industry deep end and try to swim. as an alternative to uni i took on the 9 month part-time course at shillington design college in london. i was lucky enough to be featured on their blog a few months back... you can find it here: meet mark hirons.

did you know that i have 5 blue peter badges? the normal blue badge, purple, green, silver, and a special 50th anniversary badge. 

hobbies: powerlifting! i know it doesn't look like it, but i recently got into powerlifting. i have seen a huge improvement in my mental health and confidence. for more about this see my alternative instagram account... @powerliftingmark.

favourite quote: "it's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be!"