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'12 Rules For Life' by Jordan Peterson book review


February book of the month was Jordan Peterson's '12 Rules For Life'. Here is my little summary...

This book breaks down 12 fundamental rules of life into very relateable chapters. As you are reading you imagine yourself in each story, each situation, thinking 'what would I do?'. Putting each rule into practice one by one.

The book has many Disney and Simpsons references, along with biblical stories. This opened my eyes to the Bible's stories and made me realise how emersed they are in everyday life.

This is a very powerful book that if you use correctly can impact your life is a hugely positive way.

A few of my favorite chapters/rules:

Chapter 1 - Stand up straight with your shoulders back...

In this chapter, Peterson talks about happiness, positivity, power, lobsters and hierarchy dominance chains. relating lobsters to humans peterson explains that when we stand up straight and have our shoulders back our serotonin levels increase. Making us feel more positive and proud. The same occurs in lobsters when they are getting ready for a fight over a mate or for a position on the dominance ladder. 

This also has big postural benefits. The chapter in the book goes into a lot more detail but it is a really interesting chapter. 

Chapter 3 - Make friends with people that want the best for you...

A really important chapter. You may have heard 'your 5 closet friends make up who you are'. I really believe in this. during this chapter jordan peterson talks about find friends that make a positive impact on your life, they help push you forward and are supportive although also challenge you on some points. Having a close group of friends who are productive towards one another. This rule may be the most important in the book.

Chapter 4 - Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to someone else today...

With the current state of social media, likes, perfect selfies and highlight reels, it is hard to focus on your own life. Often feeling down about your own life due to the comparison with someone is on a sunny beach or 'living life to the fullest'. 

This is why Jordan Peterson explains you should compare yourself to yourself. Go to bed feeling better than yesterday, make yourself that little bit better each day. 

Chapter 8 - tell the truth or at least don't lie...

In this chapter, peterson explains the disastrous long-term effects of lying and is trying to encourage the reader to tell the truth more. 

If you are consistently lying it becomes much harder to keep up with your own life, you have to keep up with the lies. This can get you into a sticky situation, whereas if you are true to yourself this is no longer an issue. The people you meet will also meet the real you, as opposed to the lie that you show. 

Chapter 9 - Assume the person you are talking to knows something you don't...

This chapter is all about listening. If you go into a conversation with the mindset that you will take something positive away from it, you most likely will, and it could save your life or at least improve it. It is another reinforcement of learning from other people's mistakes, if someone tells you a story, make sure you are listening as it could be a clear indicator to stay away from something. The best advice comes from random conversations. 

Quote from the chapter "you remember the past, not so that it is accurately recorded, to repeat, but so that you are prepared for the future".

Chapter 12 - Pet a cat when you see one in the street...

This chapter is all about looking out for the small positive things in life. The example given in the book is, if you are walking down a street and you come across a cat it will almost definitely cheer you up if you interact with it. It will be a small glimmer of light in what could be a dark day. Look for those moments of happiness. 


I would 100% reccomend this book to anyone who is willing to open themselves to some sort of self improvement. It is a great read.

Have you read the book? I would love to know your thoughts... let me know on social media @bluedeerdesign. Thanks for reading this blog post! Have a great day!