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McDonalds Logo History


 Where it all started, in 1940. It was originally called McDonald's Famous Barbecue. They used this mix of serif and sans typefaces. 

McDonald's, now renamed as McDonalds Famous Hamburgers using this slab-serif type based lockup. Along with a very early character design.

mcdonalds type based early logo

McDonald's Famous Hamburgers was shortened to McDonald's in 1953. They then used this script based type. Then moving onto 'Speedee' the mascot. Which didn't last too long. 

The McDonald's Corporation was founded on April 15, 1955. This is where we see the arches for the first time. The design of the logo was formed from the arches, in the first restaurant. Designed by architect Stanley Meston. Arches logo design by then McDonald's head of engineering and design. Jim Schindler. He sketched a design that used the sloping roof and golden arches of the restaurant. 

The above logos are ones you will be more familiar with. From 1968 McDonald's used the logo with the text wedged inside of the golden arches. With trends moving onto minimal design they now normally just use the 'M' on its own. Or with text next to it. 


I hope you enjoyed learning more about McDonald's and their branding history. Be sure to share this article with your friends. Thanks, Mark! 


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