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The Thank You Economy Book Review


The Thank You Economy is a fantastic insight into how social media is changing the way businesses can interact with their customers. A little outdated now as it was originally published in 2011. However, it remains must read for any marketer or business owner. It still has a huge amount of relevance even in 2017. 

Author Gary Vaynerchuk explains why personal interaction on social media is a key factor to any business. How it can help retain customers and how it helps build an audience. 

Gary also explains how social media has changed the review game. How people can instantly jump onto Facebook and spread a positive or negative vibe about your business. This is why treating each customer like your most important is key. Making sure that anything you do wrong or not to customer satisfaction, is corrected instantly. 

This book is filled with real-world examples of how businesses have successfully and unsuccessfully treated customers and social media platforms. 

So what did I lean from this book... the main tip I took away from the book is to treat each customer like your last. By treating them with passion and in a helpful and understanding manner. Making sure you give a personal connection to each customer. For example finding a little more about them and sending them a signed shirt from their favourite football team or on a lower level a packet of Haribo. As a real world thank you. Making sure that I engage with customers in the real world as well as online.

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