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An interview with designer Lucas Fields

1 - What is your favourite logo and why?


My favorite logo is Nike for sure. It's so strong and memorable, that's why they have never changed it. When I'm starting a new project, my goal is to achieve this level of simplicity, but obviously the logo needs to be strong enough too.


2 - What is your number one place for research when designing?


Well, I don't have my number one, actually I have multiple places for research, they are already part of my design process. For inspiration I go to:; dribbble and some books, specially Michael Evamy books.



3 - When did you first get into design?


When I finished High School, I started a course focused on 3D, my dream job used to be to work for Pixar Studios. But we started the course learning 2D design, and that was enough for me to fall in love.

Then I found out what Brand Identity Design was, and decided to learn everything I could about it. I finished the 3D course but, as you can see, Graphic Design was the right path to follow.



4 - What is your most used font?


Montserrat, Gotham and Helvetica family. Minimalism and simplicity defines me and my style, they are the best ones when it comes to these aspects. When a project needs to be simple, one of them may be the right fit.


5 - Who is your logo design idol?


I guess this might be yours too haha the great Aaron Draplin. He is the best inspiration in our field nowadays, he's an awesome Graphic Designer, Entrepreneur and person. I'm very inspired by George Bokhua too, people should check him out.


6 - What is the most valuable design book you have read?


I think it's Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler, it's a great source, either if you want to be an independent designer or start your own studio. It's helpful not only regarding brand design, but marketing, clients, relationship, management, etc... It helps you to understand every aspect of Brand Identity Design.


7 - What is your number one logo design tip?


It may be too obvious, but it's: Keep it simple. This idea has to be your main goal when designing a logo. I like to ask myself: "How will this logo look as a stamp mark?" it's important that your design works as a stamp, in small sizes, monochromatic. In other words - it has to be SIMPLE.


8 - Where can people find you?


Online, my presence is stronger on Instagram (@_lucasfields) and also on Dribbble. You can google my name and find my website and all my social medias.