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file management like a design agency.

I have always had problems with file management, from keeping it all on my desktop for 'easy' access to putting everything in one 'too sort' folder and never looking at it again. 

Here is how design agencies organise their files and folders. These are tips that I have learnt from my time working at design agencies...

Both agencies that I have worked at have used pretty much the same system... below...


So they use a server or central hub for storing everything, I use a hard drive. On here is a client folder with every client's name as a separate folder. 

Inside of a client folder is all of the jobs they have done for the client e.g... logo, biz cards, banner ad, website, ect. 

These job folders tend to be numbered to the same number as the invoice sent to the client. This helps to keep everything consistent and easy to find. 

Inside of a job folder, you will find 3 or 4 more folders... working files, supplied, pdfs and final files.

What goes into each of these folders?

Working files...

All of the progress, the illustrator, indesign and photoshop files. Any files that do not get sent to print or the client.


In here you can file all of the assets that the client has given you. This maybe images, text, colour charts, mood boards or/and anything that the client has given to help the project.


The PDF folder contains all of the low res PDF files that are sent to the client for approval. The proofs. These are not the print ready files.

Final Files...

This folder is self-explanatory. In here are all of the final files, 300dpi high res print ready files or the final digital files sent to the client.

In conclusion, with so many agencies using this system, it is clear that it works and keeps everything neat and organised. However, this system can be hard to maintain and take time to set up if you are not starting from a fresh. 

Personally, I am trying to switch to this system as it definitely seems more organised than my current desktop where most of my files are. Will you adopt this system? Let me know in the comments on the video, thanks :)

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