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Questions that I like to ask potential design clients.


Here are a few of my favorite questions to ask a client before we start a project. This normally takes place via email or on a discovery call. 

It is really important to ask as many questions as possible, you want to put yourself in the shoes of the client. Really get to understand the business so that you can design from the correct angle. 

Start off with the basics, get to know the name, what they do, how long they have been around, who are their main competitors, why was the business started, it's goals... once they are out of the way you can dig a bit deeper with these 6 questions...


1. Describe your business in 3 key wordsThese keywords will become vital to the project, base all of the ideas and work on these values.

2. Who is your target audience? and what are their demographics? By asking this you will understand fully who you are designing for. You can then look into what specific groups of people tend to like and what brands they use. Then base your research on that information.

3. How do your customers find your business? By asking this you can design for a specific place, making sure that the identity will fit onto and look correct on that platform and be versatile enough to work elsewhere. 

4. What are you hoping to achieve with the new look? Asking this will give the project a goal, and give you a reason to design. Rather than it just looking pretty it gives it some meaning. 

5. How do you want to portray yourself? This will give you an indication of what colours, typefaces, layouts and boundaries to set yourself when designing.

6. Are there any logos that you really like or dislike and why? By asking this you will get an understanding of what the client likes and dislikes. However, you are not really designing for the client, you are designing for their target audience. So be careful with these answers. If they contrast what the audience likes then have a quiet word with the client.


Thanks for reading this blog post... if you want to say hi or have a project to discuss please email or use the contact page. I would love to hear from you.


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