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What is a logo? What does it do? How important is it?

Logos! Why do we need them? 


A logo encapsulates everything we know about the brand. When you see a logo you instantly are reminded of the associated products, prices, packaging, service and the past experiences you have had with the business. Good or bad.

If you have never seen the logo before and are viewing it for the first time it is a deciding factor. If it is the first interaction with the brand it can be the difference between clicking on the profile and finding the business, or clicking away and never looking at it again. An appealing logo can be the deciding factor.

A logo is the face of a business. It is a bit like meeting someone for the first time. If they are pleasant and you come away smiling then you may want to meet them again and have another convocation. If you come away from the first interaction upset and unhappy, you probably won't talk to that person again.

A professional logo, designed with meaning and the target audience in mind will give off that happy feeling and attract the viewer. However, a poorly designed logo, that has been quickly put together will be just like the weird and unhappy feeling that you felt when having that bad interaction. This may even be a subconscious thought but you can get put off by a brands frown.

If a potential client is looking at your logo next to your competitors (this often happens when looking at social media). Then they will go with the one that looks the most trust worthy, the one that appeals to them and feels the most open to them. If your identity is stronger than your competitors then you are much more likely to win the work. 


Thanks for reading this blog article highlighting the importance of a strong logo and brand. If you have any questions regarding logo design or branding then feel free to email thanks.