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a chat with jony


What is your favourite logo and why?

When you ask a Designer about his/her favorite Logo, you will probably get as an answer Nike or Apple. Yes, those two Logos are perfect, beautiful and timeless, but I won't give you that same answer. 

I personally love the Oculus Logo. I loved the research they did and of course, the final result the team achieved for the rebrand. Anyone could have delivered a mathematically perfect "eye" as the new symbol, but the Oculus team did the right research based on not only the name, but also on location, history and limitations. The Logo is so simple and it works so perfectly well that, I can’t take my eyes away from that symbol. 

What is your number one place for research when designing?

The world around me. We as Designers tend to go to Design sites to get the inspiration, but this could deceive us, confuse us and we could even end up copying other Designer's solutions. 

A perfect example can be found in the Video Game industry, those creators make their research in the real life to create the virtual world. They go to locations, record videos of real life actions, they leave the chair behind and go to the outside world.

That's one of the problems with some Designers nowadays, they want to charge 3 to 4 figures for the service, but they go to Dribbble to check others Designers work, it doesn't work that way.

When did you first get into design?

It’s funny because I actually come from a Computer Science background, but honestly, I got bored of coding and numbers and, one day, I visited Amazon, bought about $3000 in Design-Marketing books and, that's how the game started for me. 

I didn't go to a Design school, I already knew how the College world worked because of my Computer Science background so, I decided to go on my own way this time.

What is your most used font?

I love Futura, it just works anywhere you use it. It's simple, minimal, it has a ton of "versions" and it's readable at any size. Futura is so well designed, so powerful and bold! That's precisely I use it on my own website. Also, it’s free with the Adobe Membership :D

Who is your logo design idol?

David Airey. The first Design book I read was Logo Design Love and that smart guy gave me my first and most important lesson in Branding: "Keep it Simple”.

What is the most valuable design book you have read?

Paul Rand. That's an awesome book, it's not about Design strictly speaking, but it teaches you that Design is more than a beautiful Logo, Design is about business, Design is about relationships, research. Brand broke the rules of his time, he was not a follower, he was a Designer. 

What is your number one design tip?

Do the research, seriously! I mean, you can see every designer giving the "easy solutions" as a solution to the client. 

This is a big problem nowadays, especially with social network, specifically on Instagram. You see a business with the name "Smart Light" and then you see the Logo as a bulb with some smart symbolism. Anyone that can draw can do that, but you are not an artist, you are a Designer and the Designer's job is to offer a solution to the client. 

It's like if Mark Zuckerberg come to you today and tells you, hey! I have a business called Facebook, can you give me a Logo? and then you design a face on a book.

This is actually being celebrated, you can see several Instagram pages about Logo Design, sharing these types of Logo and those pages have thousands of followers. That’s an enormous problem, when you see that Logo shared from a "big" page, you try to imitate that method because you also want your work to be shared. Don't do it, it's wrong and it won't take you out of the $200 Logo project, yes, you may build a huge following, but the followers won't pay your bill. 

Remember, Design is not an art, it's a business tool.

Where can people find you?

I have three main social networks, Instagram (@jonystudio) Facebook (thejonystudio) and LinkedIn (Jony), being the most actively updated by me Instagram. 

You can also find me on my website, write me using my email: or checking some pics on my Instagram Photo profile: @jonywashere

You will also find me walking on the streets of New York, wearing black, always :D


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