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medium rebrand again!!!


the online publishing platform, medium was created by twitter co-founder evan williams in 2012. medium is a host amateur and professional people's publications and blogs. 

they rebranded in 2015 with a more flexible interchangeable identity, with the idea of the “overlapping strains of a conversation”. the identity worked well and gave the site a fresh and creative look. 

however, medium has done it again. the third logo in three years. the new identity resembles their original identity, but with a less bold serif typeface. 

the new mark looks more like a traditional publishers identity. i really liked their original 'm'. even their second change gave a strong identity system. i feel like their 2017 identity takes them a few steps back to where they started. 

if they are going for a more timeless look then this maybe a better option. although i personally will miss the creativity and freshness of the bright green identity system. 

what do you think of the new 2017 medium logo? comment below. thanks for reading.


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original identity 2012-20 

previous identity and word mark 2015-2017

previous identity and word mark 2015-2017

identity options for the 2015-2017 logo