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2017 review - 2018 preview


Just before the new year i chatted to ben howes from howes design service. we talked about 2017 being a year of fear, frustration and lies, then we looked towards 2018 with hope and optimism... here are a few extracts from our chat...


mark, about making your own bubble:

"with the Manchester attacks, and in London too, there is a lot of fear in the world now. with brexit, trump, and the media making a mess, i think it would be cool if everyone just moved away from the news and that constant fear. try to live in your own bubble and your own optimism."


ben, about getting out into the wild more:

"i also really care about the outdoors and conservation in the environment. I feel like if there's one message I can get across to people, it would be to get people to appreciate and love the natural world. because we're so disconnected from it, through our devices and our air-conditioned homes or our vehicles. but when you're out in nature you really get a sense of who you really are, when traveling or going hiking. It gives you time to think."


ben, about original creativity:

"there are a lot of people climbing the mountain and they're looking for the creative snow, the fresh, pure snow that nobody has walked on. the lower down the mountain the worse the snow gets. more bird crap, more sticks and stones. so any creative person or artist's endeavor should be to climb up the mountain and find that fresh snow that nobody has seen.

but, the way you get to the fresh snow by taking trails that nobody has taken, not by copying other artists. this can be kind of scary because we like comfort. we like to know that our work is going to be liked and that's why we tend to design what other people are doing because we know that it will be okay, this is safe. this is a well-marked trail...

but sometimes you have to blaze your own trail. go to the top of that mountain find your own creative snow, and then people come to you wanting that style because it is unlike anybody else."


thanks for reading and watching! happy new year, let's get this 2018 show on the road! best wishes mark and ben. 


find ben here: Howes Design Service




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