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Gary Vaynerchuck's advice for young entrepreneurs. patience!


Gary Vee talks a lot about patience in his videos. Usually, he is giving the advice to a young wannabe entrepreneur. As one of those people, I feel that writing this as an important reminder for me and others in a similar position, too stop wasting time. A reminder too look at where we spend our time currently and how we can get more of a return on it...

I like to think of time as a currency, we choose to spend and invest it in different places, just like money. The majority of people don't throw away money, so why throw away time?

Here are a few of my favorite quotes and sayings from Gary about time...

"patience, It is the imperative foundation of anything that is long-term success. Because when you are an impatient person or organization you tend to make short-term decisions which have been proven historically as something that creates a vulnerable, usually to long-term growth."

"You need to be optimistic and patient, and everything will work out.If you're not, it won't. The end. You're fucking 21. Lack of patience, bro. Wrap your head around not giving a fuck about any advancement until you're 29, but then every day trying to get better, you will fucking win. Just close your eyes until you're 29. Patience, man, patience."

"gotta keep putting the work, everyday. One is better than zero, got to keep putting in the work. The hard work matters and the patience is what overrides it."

"you have to basically take a step back and say, okay, Gary wants me to put out a ton of content for free, he wants me to be super patient, he wants me to put all the money back into the business, he wants me to spend tons of time and hours figuring shit out that's actually current, which takes away from leisure time. Basically, I want you to eat shit for the next decade."

So whats the conclusion? 

I think we could all do with a bit more patience. In business and in life. From sitting in that traffic jam, losing your keys, getting mad at others to thinking long term business wise. Gary also has another saying... "micro speed, macro patience". In other words think and act quickly in the present time but always think about the long game, the bigger picture. What is the end goal?

I hope this article helped you think a bit more about patience, writing it definitely helped me. Let's all go out and crush it! 

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