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Top 10 Creative Waffle Podcast Episodes of 2018

We kicked off the year with Aaron Draplin on the 50th episode. On this show I tried to ask Aaron a few questions that you’d typically not hear him answering. It was a really relaxed show, more of a normal chat. Definitely one to watch.

On episode 90, I chatted with Col Gray. We talk the controversial of the design world. How much should you charge for a logo? Should you put prices on your website? Experienced designer Col Gray has the answers and more. This is a fantastic episode for you younger/newer designers.

Laura has a really unique story, we talk about her recovery from glandular fever and anorexia. How she was inspired by the likes of Draplin and Ian Barnard to pursue a career in design. I’ve become good friends with Laura since recording this podcast and meeting at Birmingham Design Festival. Her mental strength and will power is amazing, a truly lovely person. Also a great podcast guest.

Episode 63, I chat with Austin based designer and creator Steve Wolf. Steve has built a huge following of 102k on Instagram making him one of the most influential designers in the community. On the show we discuss his work, how he deals with clients, working with his wife and how to go about employing people.

I was lucky enough to chat with Paula Scher on episode 56. On this show we talked about some really important topics… We chat about women in design, characteristics of a top designer and how we can encourage female designers. I really enjoyed chatting about this with a leader in the industry.

Want to get into podcasting? Checkout my chat with Diane Gibbs. Diane has hosted the successful creative podcast, 'Design Recharge' for 6+ years now. She digs deep into the stories of designers and creative people from all around the world. On this episode of Creative Waffle, we discuss everything you need to know about starting a podcast. Hope this chat helps and you enjoy the show.

I’ve chatted to a few sports illustrators as I continue to explore that avenue in my own design work. It’s been great getting to know the industries top players. We’ve discussed everything from working with the biggest sports teams and organisations in the world to working 2 jobs to help support your design work. Here are the sports illustrator interviews…

This year I also managed to chat with a designer that goes under the radar a little bit. Miles Newlyn is behind some of the world biggest rebrands. This is the only in-person interview that i’ve done since starting the podcast, so it was great to do it with a real design legend. We go into depth and the process behind these huge global rebrands.

After getting into the logo lounge book 10, I was lucky to be able to record this podcast with Bill. I then managed to meet him at Creative South, he is a true gentleman. This is a really awesome fun podcast we chat about how logo lounge was created, the 10 books, the process of choosing a logo for the book, along with the ultimate logo, atom bomb logos and how he want's to be remembered. bill also shares his top design tip and favourite books.

Want to get fired up? These two podcasts with Tom Ross were really valuable for me and many other listeners. Over the two episodes we talk about the truth of being a young entrepreneur, the voices in our head, self doubt, patience, going deep and talking to our current followers rather than being fixed on numbers. The business of design, growing an a real audience that care through relationships & podcasting. Ones to listen to for sure.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the podcast this year, we’re going harder next year with 2 episodes a week. We will also be hosting a Creative Waffle Live event in July of 2019. Very exciting time ahead. Thanks for your support this year. Have a great holidays and new year.

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