What is a logo? What does it do? How important is it?

What is a logo? What does it do? How important is it? All of these questions will be answered in the video below... 

Video Transcript:

Hello and welcome to another Blue Deer Design video, if you don't know what a logo is, you will after this...

So recently I have been reading a book called '100 Great Branding Ideas'. I found a page on logos that I wanted to share. Because I feel that this page sums up what a logo does and is, in possibly the best way I have ever heard. Logos are a shorthand for a brand. They encapsulate in one visual symbol everything that the observer knows about the brand. This is a good reason why a brand can't solely rely on its logo to establish it's identity. Each customer's opinion of the brand is based in his or her own experience of it. Price, quality, personality and behaviour of the people that work for the organisation. All of this and more.

Logos save us time, when we spot a logo that we recognise we can recall the things about the brand and make a decision based on the past experiences. When we spot a logo that is new to us, it's design will help us decide whether or not we want to find out more.

A brand doesn't have to have a logo but if you want instant recognition particularly if you are approaching internationally where customers may speak different languages and use different alphabets, a logo may come in handy.

So that sums it up very well for me, the fact that a logo is an aspect of a brand is totally true. Along with the other parts of a brand, the price, quality, personality and behaviour. 

But make no mistake a logo is definitely important feature. As it said in the book, if someone hasn't seen your business before they will make an instant judgement based on your logo. It may be whether they use your services or visit your website. Logos help drive brand recognition and the meaning of your business. 

If you don't have a logo that suits your business then people will get the wrong impressions. It is like meeting someone for the first time. You judge them the way they act. This is basically a logo. It is the first thing about your business that people will see. They are going to make a judgement based on your logo. That is why it is so important. 



I hope this video helped you understand why a logo is fundamental to a business. If you want a designer to look at your current branding and give you a few pointers then email me at hello@bluedeerdesign.co.uk lets get a conversation going. Thanks. 



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