Fanta's new look

Fanta have revealed their new logo and packaging. It comes with a brand new bottle design and a few changes to the logo.

The main reason for the change is beacuse of their new less sugar formula. This will be in shops by May. 

Fanta hope that the new look is more appealing and looks more viberant. 

The first change is the new bold uppercase typeface. It still sits on an orange circle but takes up more room. Hiding the subtle fruit imagery. The leaf has been reconstructed and plays a more prominant part of the logo. 

fanta logo, new old fanta orange logo

The bottle and label have changed too. The shape of the bottle is now unique to Fanta and is more eye catching than the older version. 

Changes to the label include... the logo obviously, as well as a new tag commenting on how the drink is now made with real fruit. 

fanta 2017 bottle design and logo

Personally I like the new look although, I am slightly disapointed that they have covered up that clever hint at the orange fruit shape behind the text. It would seem even more appropriate now that the drink is made with real fruit. 

What do you think of the new design? Leave a comment down below. Thanks. 


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