Design Football Episode 2

aberdeen football logo design hidden goal

The Aberdeen logo is great! A very clever twist on the letter A. Inside of the open counter is the football, this is creating a set of goalposts with the football in the goal. 

The white background that the date is sitting on creates the pitch. I think the outer ring frames the centre well and overall is a very successful badge. 

Swansea city current club crest logo badge
Swansea city logo badge club crest swans on castle

Swansea city football club. Not just my team but they also a great crest. It's more on the minimal side of football logos with their abstract swan. Just showing the head, neck and wings of a bird. The type also sits well under the swan although personally, I think it is slightly top heavy. To fix this I would make the type a bit bolder this would help balance it out. 

I really like clean logos and this certainly is! 

Also just to mention they had a pretty awesome badge in the 80s with a swan ruling over a castle. They have used circles with different blue tones to create waves and the sea. A nice touch rather than going with more realistic waves. They kept it clean. 

Birmingham city football club logo globe crest badge

The third and final club crest I want to share in this video is the Birmingham City badge. 

Picturing the club as world club this logo is a classic and has been unchanged for a number of years. The distinctive shape makes it stand out. The type across the ribbon is also on point. 

However, there is one thing I would change about this logo. The globe. I would defiantly make it more realistic. It's almost like a person with a blind fold on drew it. 

Although it still remains one of my favourite football logos.