TLC branding by SomeOne

This week design agency SomeOne created a new and beautiful identity system for TLC (The Lovely Clinic) a brand for Dr Sarah Tonks. The wonderful and interesting thing is that it was centered around paint! 

In an interview with Design Week, the design studio said...

"many brands find themselves in a trap – mimetic isomorphism.”

Mimetic Isomorphism is the tendency of an organisation to imitate another organisation’s structure because of the belief that the structure of the other organisation is beneficial.

“Universally held beliefs of beauty are thin on the ground and every culture has its own idea of perfection, particularly concerning human beauty. We centred on the visual theme of paint — globally recognised as a way of either enhancing — or a way of working with basic elements to create something astonishing,” says SomeOne senior designer Tom Myers.

For me, this was a truly creative way to think. It is refreshing to see something different to the usual flat minimal design that has become a trend. 

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