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Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

Wolves Social graphics
wolves goal social graphics
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Wolves Social graphics
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Wolves 2019/20 nuno notes programme.png

Wolves 2019/20 Europa League Pitch

This is a snapshot of my social media and programme design pitch to Wolves, for their 2019/20 Europa League campaign.

It is based on the idea that the fans, players and manager are one. One wolf pack. Creating history for the club with this European campaign. The social posts use the hashtag #onepack this is also interpreted in the design visual imagery.

Another idea used in this pitch is to create memorable moments along this campaign, remembered by social posts that are designed like and act as Polaroid pictures from a holiday or experience. Something that could potentially be created as a physical product at the end of the campaign. I felt very lucky to be able to pitch this to the club and wish them all the best in their Europa League adventure.